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The Total Transformation Program is created to take you from stuck, stressed, and burnt out to confident, booked, and balanced. Doors open September 1st!!
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What would your life look like if... 

  • You felt refreshed, rested, and nourished every day?
  • You packaged your services and were able to structure your business 
  • You only did the hair you love, on the clients of your dreams?
  • You were confident to handle anyone that sits in your chair without ever feeling overwhelmed, stressed, or under prepared?
  • You knew when and how to effectively raise your prices
  • You made over $1,000 per day on color services without ever feeling burnt out?

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The Total Transformation Program is the ultimate online resource that equips you with all the foundations for a thriving business.

Are you ready to live a happier, healthier, and more balanced life?

What Stylists Are Saying About Luxe

What You Will Learn:

This fully immersive online program consists of over 40 strategic video training lessons with accompanying worksheets and resources.

Learn all the secrets of how top stylists attract their dream clients and maximize profits by packaging their services

By the time you finish this program, you will have the tools and confidence to approach your business in the most efficient way


Check out what our students are saying about The Luxury Hairstylist Total Transformation Program!


"Where do I start with the AMAZINGNESS of the Luxury Hairstylist Program! Lo really has built this program in a way that produces deep personal and professional growth. It is intentional and detailed. She asks us to dig deep inside ourselves and take the time to answer questions that we often skip over. She helps cultivate the details so when you jump into the bigger stuff you have a foundation of truth to build your brand off of. I believe Lo has unlocked the definition of what it means to be a luxury brand! I notice my point of view, attitude, and intentions with my life and my business evolving. Luxury takes intention as well as hard work and I am grateful to have her guidance to help me elevate my brand. I honestly can’t quite put into words the benefits you will experience from being a part of the Luxe Club. I can tell you about it, but to experience it for yourself is so much more, you have to feel the difference to truly know it.

Don’t wait take that chance and sign up for Luxury Hairstylist! If you are open and ready for growth and truly want to be LUXURY this is your chance!"

- Amy V.


"If someone would have told me that Luxury Hairstylist and Lo would have gotten me through some of the toughest times of my career I would’ve said NO WAY! Back in August 2019 I contemplated starting Lo’s coaching courses because I was about to open my own private studio. I was nervous, I didn’t know if I could afford it with starting a new business adventure myself? Finally I thought why wouldn’t I start this journey alongside opening my own suite!? Why wouldn’t I want to learn new ways of learning and thinking to feed back into my business!? 

Every week I have felt that it’s just Lo talking to me!! Even though there are others in class! She spoke to what I was feeling, what I was holding back, why was I holding it back, to honestly changing everything down to how I work behind the chair!! As each week has passed I find myself stronger, actually believing in myself! Lo’s coaching technique is so thorough, well thought out and not to mention learning from someone who has stood we’re all of us stylist have stood in one point of our career is where her success lays. Making this decision back in august is honestly the best thing I could’ve done for myself and my business!"

-Nicolle B.


The Luxury Hairstylist



The Luxury Hairstylist Total Transformation Program was specially designed to inspire, help, and guide hairstylists who want to live a happier, healthier, and more balanced life. 

We’ve prepared a wealth of incredible resources, beautifully curated video tutorials, and printable worksheets that dive deep into business, technique, & empowerment.

Are you ready to upgrade your life and business to a luxury level?



40+ Strategic & Technical Training Lessons Where You Will Learn How To:

  • Manifest The Life You Want
  • Create An Influential Brand
  • Target Your Dream Clients
  • Build Financial Freedom
  • Master Luxury Color & Styling
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Doors to the program open back up in September 1st 2022. Join our waitlist to receive special VIP offers