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The Dream Client Marketing School is a 10 week course designed to show you how to not only attract more clients but target your dream clients. 

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The Dream Client Marketing School 

will give you the tools to and define your brand identity and voice, create killer content consistently, and write captions that ultimately target your ideal clients. Anyone can benefit from this course, whether you are a brand new stylist or have been doing hair for years. 


Are you ready to take the stress out of social media marketing and absolutely love the hair you do every day?

Is this course for me?

Great question. Let's quickly go over the types of stylists this program was designed for, so you can figure out if it is right for you!


You are not alone! Social media can seem so overwhelming. I’m sure you’ve put in some effort and didn’t see many results, right? We’ll take out the guesswork in not only social media but fully marketing and branding yourself as a business. We’ve simplified things for you to get results that actually work!



You probably follow other stylists on Instagram and love the work they post, but you just can’t seem to capture your work in the same way. If this is you, you probably feel stuck and frustrated.  Thankfully, this course teaches you, step by step how to photograph and edit your work. We even teach you how to pose your clients to really show off the best angles of your work.



Do you have more gaps in your schedule than you’re comfortable with? Struggling with cancellations and no shows? Not making enough money regularly is super stressful and sucks the joy out of this fun and fulfilling career. This course shows you exactly how to brand and market yourself to open up the flood gates of new client requests.



Do you know what’s just as frustrating as being slow? Being busy but still not leveling up your lifestyle. The situation is all too common, we have steady, loyal, amazing clients that come in every 4 weeks to get their low ticket service done. We worked hard to build up this cliental and love everyone. BUT… you work hard every day, rarely (if ever) take time off, and don’t have time in your schedule to book that 3 to 4-hour service that you've been dying to try. If this is you, it's time to make some adjustments! This course teaches you how to attract clients that are willing to pay whatever you ask, and will work with your schedule.


… to sum things up: The Dream Client Marketing School IS for you if you’re a stylist, at any stage of your career, and want to build a dream cliental that will pay you what you are worth and value your time. Whether you’re a tech-savvy person or not, if you recognize that your business would benefit from social media and other marketing tools, you are a perfect fit for this course.

Now picture this...

You open your schedule and see that you are 100% booked with clients that seem more like your BFFs than ordinary guests.

  • How would that change your daily life and your relationship with work?
  • How would it feel to be trusted, valued, appreciated, and respected all day every day?
  • How would this impact your flow, creativity, and quality of work?

Let's time travel to your new reality

Here's what we want you to achieve with the Dream Client Marketing School...


Imagine checking your schedule and seeing it absolutely full of your dream clients. You get to do the hair you love every day. No fillers just to make a few bucks, no “Karens” that never really appreciate what you do, but you’re scared to turn away the money…… Nothing but your dream hair, whatever that looks like for you. To achieve that, it’s all about structure. This course teaches you how to structure your business so you never take an “off-brand” client again.



Say goodbye to stomach knots and nervous sweaty pits when you check your client out at a premium price, or when you let your clients know that you’ve raised your prices. Those days are gone, and this course will teach you how to get there.



Imagine getting to the end of a busy week and saying “Wow, I could easily work again tomorrow, no problem!” That’s the level of energy we want you to feel on a daily/weekly basis. Being busy, booked, and successful does not need to go hand in hand with burnout. We’ve got all the tips and tricks you need to change the way you do business, forever.



Imagine checking your bank account and realizing that your business has put you in a financially secure place. You no longer have to overly stress about no-shows or sick days. You can take that vacation and easily save money for your future. At the end of the day, we are in this business to make money! Why not make enough to feel secure. To get there, the process is simple, but not necessarily “easy” but we walk you through the steps and set you on your way to having a meaningful, profitable and successful business.


What Stylists Are Saying About Dream Client Marketing

Meet your Teacher


“Hi! I’m Lo Wheeler, founder and lead educator of Luxury Hairstylist, one of the industry’s most thorough, diverse, and simplified educational platforms that actually delivers results.

I started Luxury Hairstylist because I’ve been there, I’ve gone through all the struggles this industry has to offer. I always wished there was some type of resource, some way to not have to struggle through these situations completely on my own. I am so happy to now offer that resource!

I’ll be honest, I didn’t set out to become an educator, but after I cracked the code, and developed a solid system that led me to go from broke, tired and ready to quit, to a thriving clientele of models, influencers, women pro athletes and celebrities, owning a super successful, in-demand salon, working for some of the industries top companies and eventually starting a few companies of my own, I couldn’t keep my system a secret anymore. I couldn’t see a stylist struggle as I did for so long. I knew I found a simple system and it would benefit the entire industry. 

I knew my system worked for me but I needed to test it with others. At that point, I had owned my salon for a little over a year. I decided to take our current assistants and put them on the floor, using my business system from day one. To my amazement, they went from assisting with zero clients to fully booked in about 6 months to bring in over six figures in less than a year!!

It was then that I knew this was possible for anyone willing to put in the effort. I started documenting everything that worked and didn't work and eventually started Luxury Hairstylist.

I’ve made it as simple to follow as possible. A road map to success! I am so excited to share this with you! I’m giving you all my secrets and I cant wait to see you thrive!!"  xoxo Lo Wheeler

"Okay, that sounds great, but..."

Part of you is ready to start, but we know the other part of you might still have some questions or reasons holding you back. Let's address some of those limiting beliefs.


I hear you! It’s so easy to have social media consume our precious time and feel like a second job. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be that way. With the tools you learn from this course, you can simplify your marketing approach and even automate portions of it and still be extremely effective.



Neither did I when I first started developing this system. I had less than 2,000 followed on Instagram when I left my salon of 10 years and moved to a new city. I had to start completely over. I was able to do so in a matter of months. I built my schedule so efficiently using this system that I was making over $1,000 per day on color services without double booking, without an assistant, and without overcharging anyone. This course will teach you how to do the same. 



That’s no problem, this course doesn’t have you doing anything technically advanced. We walk you through everything and make it easy to understand.


I'm Ready To Maximize My Marketing


Check out what our students are saying about The Luxury Hairstylist Dream Client Marketing strategies!


"I am living proof that the Luxury Hairstylist Program really does work wonders! Not only has Lux helped me accomplish my goals, it’s helped me keep a great mindset while doing it. The program has taught me how to reinvent my social media presence and authentically engage with my target audience. Not only do I have more potential clients following my accounts but I’ve also had other entrepreneurs reach out and ask how they can get their insta to look like mine! I started a Pinterest account one week ago and already have over 10k engagements. The content I have been curating over the last 6 months is paying dividends, and none of this would have been possible without Luxe. 

Now more than ever having a mentorship program has been so valuable in my life and career. Quarantine sounded terrible but I decided to change my attitude and make profitable decisions. I put the Luxe mindset lessons back to use, and also dug deep into marketing. My product sales increased and my new content is engaging my target market. I’m making money and moves right from my couch! The extra tools Luxe created for lock down were also a huge help. It’s been great being part of the Luxury Hairstylist community during this time!" 

-Stevi Jade 


"This was exactly what I needed to hear! Currently venturing out on my own to a new space & hearing the critics from current coworkers recently has made me second guess all of my decisions even though in my heart I feel its whats best for me & my career, but I'm working on positive mindset, doing what I WANT & manifesting my dream clientele. The in-between time has just been more uncomfortable then I was expecting which makes me realize I'm on the right path! I'm so glad to have joined this journey during this time!"  

- Kayla H.


"I just wanted to say I LOVE the branding lessons so far! I’ve been branding myself over the last few years but with no real direction. It has worked as well as self taught marketing can but I am beyond excited to be given clear and concise lessons moving forward!" 

- Kayla W.

What We Will Teach You

The Dream Client Marketing School is a 10-week course designed to walk you step by step through a proven system to help you discover your brand and attract “on brand” clients that will value you and pay you what you are worth.

Week 1

What is a Brand and Why is it Important

    • Why is branding so important
    • Discover your brand identity
    • Who you are as a brand
    • Find your core values
    • Learn your brand archetype

Week 2

Defining Your “Why”

    • How to discover your “why”
    • Create your golden circle
    • Develop your mission statement

Week 3

Finding Your Niche

    • Why a niche helps define your ideal client
    • Objective vs subjective Traits
    • What is your ideal client profile
    • Build strong client relationships

Week 4

Creating Content

    • How to create consistent content
    • How to photograph your clients
    • How to pose your clients to best showcase your work
    • How to keep your content “on brand”
    • How to overcome content creation setbacks
    • Build up your confidence behind the camera

Week 5

Editing Content

    • How to edit content consistently
    • How to edit subtly edit your photos while not changing your work
    • Apps where the magic happens

Week 6

How Social Media Helped Triple My Business

    • Develop a marketing strategy
    • Marketing to your dream client
    • Three marketing metrics

Week 7

How to Build an Effective Website

    • Why is a website crucial for all stylist
    • What to have on your site
    • Website checklist and plan

Week 8

How to use Instagram for Your Business

    • A detailed guide on how to effectively use Instagram
    • Instagram business strategies 
    • How to create a Luxury Instagram feed
    • How to use stories and highlights 
    • What to say in your bio
    • Create a posting schedule
    • Social media content calendar template
    • Apps to help you

Week 9

Writing Captions that Convert Clients

    • How to write post captions that convert likes to clients
    • How to use your brand voice
    • How to use hashtags
    • How to simplify the process 
    • How to take the guesswork out of captions

Week 10

Old School Marketing Isn’t Dead

    • What is “old school marketing”
    • How is it still just as effective as ever
    • 10 ways to get clients through “word of mouth”
    • The power of referrals 
    • Scripts on how to effectively ask for referrals 


Luxury Hairstylist



The Dream Client Marketing School is a 10-week course designed to show you step by step how to grow your business by creating an influential brand and marketing that brand efficiency on social media and beyond. 

Whether you’re tech-savvy or not, we help you take the guesswork out of building an effective brand that represents your personality in order to attract your perfect clients who want to pay you what you’re worth.

It’s for you whether you’re just starting out, work as a commission stylist, booth renter, or a salon/suite owner. If you are ready and motivated to take your brand to the next level, this course is for you!


Payment Plan Available

10 Master Classes Covering:

  • Defining Your Brand
  • Discovering Your Why
  • Finding Your Niche
  • Creating Content
  • Photography & Editing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Website Building
  • Optimize Your Instagram
  • Writing Captivating Captions
  • Scoring Referrals

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