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What your business would look like if you could operate without fear, your team was empowered, and your salon culture was clear.


Become a Bulletproof Salon Owner

E V E N   C O A C H E S   N E E D   C O A C H E S

Author, Speaker, and Entrepreneur


Hello! My name is Lorean Cairns. I am the Co-Founder and CEO of the International Salon Group, Fox and Jane, Skin Habit, and Little Lion Salon. My projects employ over 150+ members in 3 states and 2 countries. I lead the charge by coaching and mentoring Leaders, Executives, and Managers of all levels.

With nearly a decade of entrepreneurial experience and eight years as a successful CEO of Fox & Jane Salon Group, I can comfortably say that the secret to my success is deeply rooted in my ability to establish a company culture. From the moment you join the team you are deeply aware of what it means to be a Fox, it's more than just a job...it's a way of life.

I share my knowledge and experiences with leaders and business owners in classes and lectures, pushing them to think outside the traditional box of business development. My impact in the world of business strategy doesn’t end with the hair industry, there is a message for everyone in leadership.

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Becoming Bulletproof


 The Becoming Bulletproof course is designed for salon and suite owners like you to build a community that is ready to get through any situation. We are going to show you how to live your dream culture, lead with clarity, and operate fearlessly when crisis hits. It’s a short course, but full of powerful tangible practices and techniques to keep your business afloat and come out stronger than ever.

With this course, we really deep dive into ways you can strengthen your business's employee retention, customer leads, quality of service, community, and overall health. Let our educator, Lorean Cairns, walk you through the strategies she has learned from building 10 highly successful businesses and coaching countless stylists.

Become Bulletproof for $99

This 3 lesson mini-course is full of powerful tangible practices and techniques to keep your business afloat and come out stronger than ever.

You will learn how to...

live your dream


Modern employees care more about being aligned with their community than ever before. It's your mission to provide Leadership through defining your values, your non-negotiables, and your clarity. Your team culture can make or break your business when crisis hits. It is time to build (or re-build) an amazing community that is ready to thrive!

lead with


Every single person on your team wants to feel successful and that feeling comes from knowing what winning means. If you are not being clear on your mission and setting intentions your community will not be aligned. Leading you to waste time, energy, and resources. I’ll give you the tools to provide clarity successfully and own your next era of leadership.



Being fearless is making decisions knowing that if it aligns with your values, it’s the right call. If your processes are in place and your team is connected you can get through anything. Learn to trust yourself and your abilities to manage and grow your business. That’s the best business plan you can ever have and it will push you to build everything you ever wanted.


Lorean Cairns Becoming Bulletproof

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No business is free from crisis, when times get challenging and you are living in undeniable uncertainty it can be difficult to find your way back and get the motivation you need to push through.

Let us give you the tools and strategies to define your values, put your processes in place, and get your team connected.

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